Want to be a mod? Edit


It's easy all you need to do is write why you want to be a mod.

At this point every day a new person will beome a mod.

Nommyzombies should be your next mod. Why you ask?Edit

Because she is lovable.

Gets along with everyone.

Loves the color rainbow, and likes doughnuts?

Who doesn't like doughnuts.


The hungery games (Approved)Edit

I think I should be a mod becuase I will always come to chat and help out. I love books and always will. I really hope you choose me. Becuase I will be a great mod. Please pick me! :)

-The hungery games


I think I should be mod because I have been going on chat a LOT! And I love books! I have read lord of the rings, Harry potter, hunger games, maze runner, you name it! I am also a funny, nice, sarcastic guy who isn't afraid to give someone a good kick!


~PoundTheAlarm~ (Approved)Edit

I recommend me as a mod because, I am an extremely kind person on chat. I have never put someone down (nor will I) in hurtful ways and I won't put up with meaness from one user to another. I follows the rules and can enforce them without being mean or offensive. And I'm a very good editor, I have good quality edits. Also, I have helped calm chat situations, and finally, I'm a good role model for new users out there. Thank you.



3 words, I Am Awesome.


I have read alot of books im always online. And love to help out.


Katelyn.danita (Approved)Edit

I absolutely love books. <3

I also love to write fanfic, and people seem to really love when I write.

I can mess around with people, but I can still be serious when I need to be.

Also- I'm on a lot.

I help people on places like THG wikia a lot when no mods or admins are around and they need help, and I would just really love to be a mod.(:

Thanks. <3

Katelyn.danita 00:41, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

Clarisse SteelEdit

I like books and writing so im the perfect mod!

Clarisse Steel 00:45, July 11, 2012 (UTC) Clarisse Steel <3


Hey Im Archer, call me that, and well I want to be a mod because Im just really mad about endless arguments and no mod or admin is on and its just dumb and I want to help fellow mods, admins, users and others help solve problums and I really love helping.


TheOneandOnlyDistrict3 Edit

Hi! I'm Jared.

I should be an admin because I'm very considerate to others, unlike my worst enemy on the hgrp Wiki, Upside Down.

I try to see all sides of an argument, and I'm very active with wikis!

Please, pick me! :)

TheOneandOnlyDistrict3 00:11, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

I Am A Superstar!! : )Edit

I want to be a mod so I can protect the chat when and if someone comes in and starts to cuss, spam or harass anyone. :)

I Am A Superstar!! : ) 02:52, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

It's Me, Haalyle (Approved)Edit

I may of just came, but I apply to be mod because I love books, read them all the time and will do my best to come on chat often and stop people from swearing, spaming and insulting other users. I will also do my best to add books or edit any of them.

Haalyle 02:49, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Katniss Jane MellarkEdit

I may have only just discovered this wikia but i am loyal to what i believe in and i believe in a safe and happy wiki. I love to write and i have writen a story on the Writing Wiki and on my laptops, i also wrote a song. I really want to keep the wiki safe from immature or inresponsible people.

кαтηιѕѕ נαηє мєℓℓαяк ღ 07:30, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Why I, Jojojohnjohn8676, should be a mod.Edit

I should be a mod because I like to solve problems. I'm just gonna hope they aren't math problems. I'm terrible at math. And, I would hand out scratch and sniff stickers to people who were being good. Just because I like scratch and sniff stickers. I'm really nice. I like cheese and rainbows. Happiness is my main priority. Sorry if I spelt that wrong. And because I'm just plain awesome. Dats why I should become a mod. PEACE OUT BRAH

Derpy Derp Derp, TiaraaaaEdit

I looove reading and write all my book reviews in detail, I also add a little Spoiler Alert for people who haven't read the book before. I'm also pretty trust worthy, I'd also give all the good girls and boys RAINBOW STICKERS :D. *Laughs Crazily* Welllll. Thats it :3

Daisy c: 18:19, August 20, 2012 (UTC)