I came here becuase it is the place my grand father is going to rest. So May I

Another Eric Walters Book. :D

He's a great author.

Age's Should be 11 - 15.

This book is not published yet.

How do you know about this book? Edit

Well My Mom's Friend Owns a book store and i get to review books before they come out. This book is about..wait i can only tell you some of that.

The book i got my hands on is an ADVANCED READING COPY this means there not done changing some words and stuff that happens in this book depending on if that helps it get more popular.

This book is part of the Seven Series which is 7 books each written by differnt famous authors. All Make a wiki for this series i think its quite amazing. All the books are going to be differnt but about the same thing 'Grandson's' I Don't know why but they are so becuase its an advanced reading copy i cant tell you that much about what it is about becuase you maybe mad if i were to say something that is later changed.

Now i think i will tell you what is manly about this book is also the first one in the 'seven the series' series. Is this book the best in ther series? Unknown. I'll tell you more later

What's It About? Edit

This Book Is about a popular athlete named 'DJ' He's always been the best at everything, But when his grandfather dies he tells his family he wants his ashes to be scatterd all along Mount Kilimanjaro, Then Dj takes the offer thinking that he will just be another thing he can accomplish almost effortlessly.

But soon when Dj arrives in Tanzania to effortlessly climb Mount Kilimanjaro Everything he thought about climbing the mountian goes wrong. Dj soon finds out that the youth, Fitness level having nothing to do with the success on the mountian-or in life.

This Book will be published in October 2012.