Cat Boy

Cats are Cats, Humans are Humans, Both Have Hearts.

Another Canadian book by Eric Walters!

This is only 2 years old!

Age 11 - 14.

I like this book a lot.

So Whats It About Edit

It's about Taylor he lives up North with his mom when she gets a job. No. So now they are moving to the heart of Toronto which is strange for Taylor. So when he gets there he quickly becomes friends with Simon.

Simon looks Korean. He is. But he was never born there and he doesnt even speak Korean. Taylor and Simon are in the same class so when they are out of school they walk home together. So about 14 days later Taylor is getting somewhat comfartable about living the this huge city! (Biggest in Canada)

Taylor and Simon walk home all is usual when they come across a old shortcut. Taylor doesn't want to take the shortcut but Simon nearly forces him (nice friend *cough* not *cough*) So when they go across Taylor sees some cats, "I dont like cats, There Dirty says Simon Taylor soon doesn't want to leave the short cut he was more curious.

Curious about the cats. He quickly names them Examples are. Hunter, Blinky, two cats at seem to be talked about the most out of all the feral cats (Feral cats are cats that survive in the wild without owners or anything sometimes feral cats even thrive in the wild but usally they don't becuase of there chances of catching a disease is higher it makes there life span shorter)

So Taylor becomes aware of this colony of feral cats in a old junkyard, that's where he meets the security guard Mr. Singh who Taylor quickly likes and grows a slight friendship for caring the cats. So days pass and Taylor grows a seripus friendship with the cats. He gives them food, and all that he's a real spoiler! That's when it happens the old Junkyard is going to be Redeveloped and turned into some skyscraper!

That means the cats will Die and the whole colony will be wiped out Taylor quickly Teams up with Mr.Singh, Simon, and a group of Vets to save the Feral cats. Will Taylor's Plans to save Hunter and the rest of the poor clan work?

And If so, Were will all these cats go?!?