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Catching Fire cover.

Catching Fire is on our top 10 list because:

1. Its is the sequal to The Hunger Games, so its not "fluffy."

2. It is great for ages 13-34.

3. Good action.

4. A great love book.

What its aboutEdit

So its after the events of The Hunger Games, but Gale keeps a icy distance on Katniss, and Peeta turned his back on Katniss completly, and it is the upcoming quater quell. Now, since the annocment is that the victors are chosen to fight, Katniss and Peeta and Haymitch train for the games. Now they have a plan that for the reaping, Peeta will voluenteer for Haymitch and Haymitch will be there mentors, so after they meet the victors at the games training, they go into the games. In Catching Fire, sparks will fly. I highly recomend this book.