Master..Of The Hallways

This book got 3.5/5 i would give it 3/5.

It's a good book just keep your expections low (that goes for all books)

Ages i would say 12 - 16 well i don't know about 16 ...

I Find Griff Rude.

Whats this book about?Edit

A Hallway Patroler, No Joke. I Find Griff Pretty rude that turned me off a little bit But other lets begin!.

Griff is a new kid kid to Rampart Middle School he is a very famous hall monitor or whatever. He got icked out of his old school and is now at Rampart, Rampart has a hallway patrol to. And Griff Seems Eager to join it but there are some problems the old lady may disagree and so will his mom a news reporter, and Tommy well not really tommy i kinda just made that up.

This book is about Griff doing lots of stuff he chases a kid gets in a couple fights and has a serious spaz at a arcade. So yea. I wouldnt call griff 'mean' more 'sassy'