This is the second book in the Harry Potter series.
Harry potter 2 book 1

This one was published on the second of July, 1998 in the UK.

This book would be suitable for all ages.

I'd recommened this to people, who like fantasy and magic.

What it is AboutEdit

Harry Potter is in the middle of the hoildays and can not practice magic outside of school. But when a house-elf shows up in his room and warns him that danger is at Hogwarts, every goes wrong.

After Harry doesn't agree to not go back to school. Dobby (the house-elf) smashes the party cake. After getting a warning from the Ministry of Magic, reminding him not to use magic outside of school, his uncle Vernon places bars upon Harry's window.

After three days, one night a flying car comes to Harry's rescue, which has his friend Ron and his brothers Fred and George inside. They break open the window and Harry escapes in the car, which drives to the borrow where the Weasleys live.