You basted!” I scream

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

“Mistake my ass!”

I take a plate from the dishwashing rack and though it at his head. And he ducks just in time. It scratches the fridge. Do you know what its like to be cheated on? The anger burns your face, your fingertips sting. Your toes numb. And your whole body lights up with detest. You convulse at the sight of the man. I cant control the words releasing from my mouth.

“How dare you! We made vows. Does the word forever mean to you?” I screech.

“I’m so sorry liv please bunny calm down”.

“Don’t you dare call me that. Ever. I’m not your bunny anymore. Or your liv. Or anything. I’m a distant memory. Get out. Just get out”. I yell

“No please. Let’s work this out.”

I approach his face.

“There’s nothing to work out. You and I are over. Get that though your lying cheating skull. Were done finished. If you ever comeback here again I will kill you.”

He steps behind me to the dining room.

“I’m not leaving till you give me a chance!”

Now I do something I will never forget. I take a kitchen knife and lunge forward to his chest. He moves swiftly and I fall the ground. He looks at me as if I’m an animal. About to rip him to shreds. I am. He face is shocked, and scared. Then takes his coat of the seat. And I hear the door slam. My anger is gone.

I sit down promptly hugging my legs. I rock back and forth. Tears flood down my face. My anger is gone. All is left is sadness. And sorrow.

“Mummy?” a sweet voice says.

I look at he doorframe and there Amber. In her one piece PJs. She is holding her teddy Hugo. The only good thing about Cory. He created this angel. “Hey sweetheart.” I say quietly. While wiping away the tears.

“where’s daddy?” she says walking to me avoiding the glass. She curls in my arms and holds me tight.

“He’s gone. Were safe now Ambie. Were safe.”