Kingdom keepers 2

Kingdom Keepers Disney At Dawn is the second book in the Kingdom Keepers series.

Age groups is still 11-15

There are 377 pages and 66 chapters in Disney at Dawn

What It's AboutEdit

It's DHI (Disney Host Interactive, or Daylight Hologram Imaging) day at the Magic Kingdom, and Finn and the other DHIs get to ride on their very own float. Suddenly, Philby (a DHI) notices a gray balloon near the castle. But because of the growing thunderstorm, it disappears in the crowd. Another weird thing the kids notice is that Chernabog, a character supposed to be on one of the floats, has gone missing. As the parade continues, Finn sees his friend Amanda, and her sister Jez (Jess). Finn can tell that Amanda is trying to warn him about something, but then Charlene (another DHI) notices a pair of monkey-like creatures in the crowd. Jez slows, and Amanda (still trying to warn Finn) puts a leaf to her cheek. Finn finally gets the message. Maleficent is in the castle.

Finn and Philby go to Escher's Keep and make it to the apartment Wayne had shown them months before. A Dapper Dan, who Finn guesses is Security, follows the boys up the stairs. While the boys are trying to find out what's going on in the castle, Maybeck, Charlene, and Willa go to meet up with Amanda and Jez. Amanda realizes that Jez is has been switched with a DHI, and doesn't know where her real sister went.

Philby and Finn find Maleficent in the castle, who was moved there from the jail-cell from under Pirates of the Caribbean. Maleficent conjures uses powers too break the bars on the window during the lightning storm, and she flies down the Tinkerbell rope. Finn and Philby rescue the Tinkerbell actress and fly down the rope to Tomorrowland.

That night, as they wait to meet up online, Finn receives an IM from Wayne. Wayne tells him to meet him on a website, DGamer, a private place where VMK is still open. Wayne talks to Finn on a webcam, and Finn tells him about the days events. Wayne tells Finn that the Overtakers have managed to make DHIs out of animals to use as their army. Also, if any of the Kingdom Keepers (or Wayne) falls asleep, they will become their DHIs, controlled by the Overtakers' server, and can be put into permanent comas. Finn and the other Kingdom Keepers must find Jez and destroy the second server in the Animal Kingdom. But can they do it without falling asleep?