The last message is part of the seven series.

ages 10 - 15

this book has not been published yet it will be published october 2012.

It was written by Shane Peacock

What's It About?Edit

It's about one of the Grandsons Adam, His mom was in the olympics. he has a good life in Bufflo all his other family lives in canada so sometimes he can talk about about all of them by saying. Canadian's are wimpy and those type's of sterotypes. Adam has a cute girlfriend but he wants a cuter one. Adam is 5th on his hockey team but not 1st Adam is good but not to good nor is he bad.

When Adam's grandpa dies his world is turned upside down becuase the last thing his grandpa said to him was the saddest thing he's ever said. Now Adam is on a trip to Paris adam gets 3 messages the last one is said to be almost impossible but Adam has to do it becuase this time he wants to be First