When the Seventh Son of the Seventh son is pronounced dead. A New Baby Is Found About To Die.

Not a huge fan of wizard books but this book is okay.

Ages 9 - 16.

It's 564 pages long!.

What's it aboutEdit

A Magical Kingdom.. A Yound wizard is walking though the thick deep woods when he suddenly theres a noise a crying noise. No. someone crying. He looks around and suddenly sees a little baby girl in a blanket.

The baby girl was left in the forest was Small. No Duh. all babies are small O.o a big baby would look scary. Anyways. He picks up the baby girl And takes her home when he gets home his wife is all : OH YAY!!.

Oh sorry i forgot to tell you that the seventh son of the seventh son goes missing then is later found dead. so the young wizard, Silas is now pretty happy. I Don't know if the baby girl is like some replacement... Anyways. They name the baby girl Jenna.

Jenna is the only girl in the whole family the rest are boys (Man, That Would Suck. No Offense to girls out there that live in a house with 18 brothers and 0 sisters :/) Then Slowly time begins to pass (Very slowly) and Jenna is able to Crawl (YAY JENNA!!!!! YGG) ( Ygg - You Go Girl) I made that up. Anyways.

As Jenna gets old the younger brothers quickly forget about septimus septimus was silas's son that goes missing and is later found dead. And as time passes The older brothers Also Forget about Poor Septimus But Silas and Marica Don't forget ( marica is silas wife)

Silas goes into Jenna's room and sees her peacefully curled up in her small box bed....Box? Anyways. I Sadly didn't read the whole book so if you have more info ask one of our admins to see if they know about this popular book series.

This is also a book series with like 10 books so i'm sure its popular. Also some peolpe say this book is better than harry potter!