She's Been Helping Her His Whole Life Now He's Dead.

This book will most likely make it to top 10 soon.

It was first published in 2010.

Age group is about 12 - 15.

Warning: This Book Has Depressinig Content Read At Your Own Risk.

A Very, Very Amazing Book -The Hungery Games

Whats this book about?Edit

Meet 11 year Caitlin, Caitlin has Asperger's which as never been a problem for her up in till now her brother aways is there to show her everything and what everythings about Caitlin's life is black and white and when her brother, Devon. Is killed in a high school shooting Caitlin's world goes, Black. When Caitlin goes back to school She still has no friends, No one.

Emma, the most popular girl in her class is some-what nice to Caitlin, Then Caitlin soon meets Micheal a 6 year old boy Caitlin and Micheal become friends. when Caitlin learns Micheal's mom also died in the high school shooting Caitlin likes Micheal even more. When Caitlin is pared up with Emma in a Art project she hates how Emma colours here pictures Emma doesn't like how Caitlin draws her pictures in black and white and just leaves them.

Caitlin soon learns that the world is full of messy and beautiful colours that will change Caitlins life for ever so as Caitlin prepares to go into Devon's school she has to let go of something else. Devon's Chest, Under Devon's bed is his chest.

Caitlin would always go into Devon's chest she would hide there there always it was her get away from, her black and white world. Caitlin's world goes upside down when she finds out Josh, a bully at the school is related to the guy that shot Devon and killed Devon.

That's when it gets worse.