Chat moderator abilitiesEdit

  • Warning users if they break the rules
  • Kickbanning users that continue to break the rules for a certain amount of time (or infinitel

Name Position Join Date Activity Contact
Clove 74th Chat Mod 12/7/24 Very Active Message
The Hungarian Games Founder 12/7/8 Very Active Message
Zakel Admin 12/7/8 Very Active Message
Mattew1231 Chat Mod 12/7/8 Moderate Message
Scarlett123 Chat Mod 12/7/9 Moderate Message
~PoundTheAlarm~ Admin 12/7/9 Very Active Message
Dragonz1337 Chat Mod 12/7/10 Moderate Message
Katelyn.danita Chat Mod 12/7/10 Active Message
Haalyle Chat Mod 12/7/24 Very Active Message
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Mods are like users but can ban and kick. I trust you guys please don't let me down. :)

Here are rules:

1) You must kick someone if they swear and if they swear to someone you ban them.

2) Give people that spam 3 warnings...before kicking them.

3) Any sexual related pictures or talk ..if someone does either you kick them.

4) If a fight breaks out try to reslove the problem as quick as possible.

5) If another mod does any of this please tell me this and take photo's for evidence.

6) Never let anyone take control of you.

7) You must come to chat a lot maybe three times a day if you can :).

8) Private info. People can say what country they live in and there name. Also they can say there state or province. But any phone numbers postal codes towns cities or villages are a big NO! If anyone does this kick them if they come back and do it again ban them for 2 hours.

More rules later!

If you have any questions pm me on chat or post a question on my talk page!