The flying brothers

All's Fair In Penguins and Water!. >:D

This is the first part of the flying beaver brothers.

Its abotu two bro- wait im not supposed to tell you that right now.

Theres The Title See it :3 >.>

Ages 11-14..

So What's It AboutEdit

Its about two brother beavers that live on a island with other animal's but beavers are the most populated. The one in the white and blue coloured shorts is.

Bub. Bub is pretty dull kind of a air head but that makes him more curious. Here's what a comic strip look's like:

The flying brothers strip That's the starting Comic strip appearntly Bub is not going to help Ace , poor Ace. Anyways in the starting Ace is going to like go sky diving (DANGER) Meanwhile Bub is sleeping Couch Potato, anyways when Ace goes skydiving he lands in the water that when he sees a huge factory underground and two penguins the two penguins hat remain unkown try to take away aces surfboard but Ace is way bigger, Ace Wins. When Ace gets to shore he tells Bub.