Things Just Got Personal...

This book is a little young also but it's great, and eithier way it's amazing.

It's about Friendship,Trust, some serious hate, and even some love.

Age's I would say are 11 - 13.

What's It AboutEdit

Meet poor Evan well he seems fine at first throwing the ball up and down above his nose. When you soon find out he has been hiding from his sister (Jessie) for 3 days! Then the door suddenly opens Evan goes behind the couch just in time. Jessie quickly finds him.

Anyways. The whole point evan was dieing becuase it's Summer and its really hot. That's not the only hot problem. Evan is going into grade 4 and Jessie should be going into grade 3 but becuase he is extra smart she will be going into grade 4 instead. This means brother and sister Evan and Jessie will be going into the same grade. Worse. The same class. Both have some type of hate for each other.

Evan thinks Jessie is well perfect and that he is not as good as here. Jessie thinks Evan is being rude becuase he doesn't like her which he kind of doesn't so she's right.

Anyways soon war breaks out. Jessie and Evan make a deal that they have one week to make 200 dollars from lemonade stand money! I know I didn't think it was possible either Evan as no problem from this he has tons of friends but they all seem to be on a vacation. So he gets stuck with Scott Spenser (A snobby kid that's full of him self), Evan and Scott sell well till about 1:00 when suddenly they notice a problem. Jessie has a problem of her own, she kind of has no friends, loner I know. Anyways so Jessie needs to make a Evan notice her so in order to that she needs a grade 4 girl that evan and her like.