This book is great but a little mature which I didnt know 'till i was half-way though it. Too Late. Oops!

Anyways. So now is the part I give age group and all that other stuff..

The age limit I would day is 14-25. So this guy is named, Dumb Dumb!

WARNING!: This book uses mature languge not suitable for all readers. Think before you read.


It's Never Fun Moving..And When your moving to some twon with 100 peolpe it sucks!

So Whats This Book About?!?Edit

Life is normal for 15 year old Noah Thorpe. He lives in Quebec with his mom, he as one friend Chris L'Ecuyer and of coruse his major crush Tammy Summers but other than that, Oh wait he is also bullied by Roland Ikpins (Meanie) very bad of him. When his mom suggests he go see his dad for 6 months his dad lives in a remote inuit village in Northen Canada.

Not fun for Noah. But Noah is onbored with the plan which is a suprise to his mom, his dad, Chris, Tammy, and even Roland, so Noah has to take a tiny plane which I can't imagine would be fun everyone hates small planes there really bumpy. Anyways, Noah gets to the town when the plane lands but not the town another town! This one has like 3,000 people.

Finally people! Well that doesn't last long, his dad drives him to this town if you call it its less than a village, it's like 8 huts, a store, and a school.