Find The Traitor And Stay Alive? Tht's going to be hard.

This Book is great

Wh? well its action packed and teachs lots about war.

Age range maybe 14 - 30.

This book is about being forgotten then re found.

So if you still reading this your most likly all HURRY UP! okay so fine lets start.

WARNING: some language used in this book is not suitable for all ages please take notice of this before reading..

What's it about!Edit

Meet Danny Watts 17 years old and training to be in the army like his fanous grandfather hes never seen. He lives in A hosplite with his friend thats a girl Elena well they dont live in the same room or anything. Anyways. Elena is 16 so um its a little werid but there really close.

Fact is Danny Tried to kiss Elena once but it didn't work out.

Anyways Danny Finds out he didn't make it to the Army collage so he was stuck he had no place to live. The hosplite is for people that are 17 and under and he would soon be 18. so danny was in for it. then when it can't get any worse for poor Danny watts who maybe soon to be homeless. But when he's his grandfather hes never seen. Fergus, Watts, is a Traditor to the country and that he posioned of 1000 kids under 18. Now Danny and maybe even 16 year old Elena were really in for it.

Well Now Danny Is more angery than me after finding out were having liver for dinner just kidding, But Ew. Anyways. Danny is mad at Fergus becuase any chance Danny had of ever being in the army is long gone. No chance. so danny is going to find fergus and spaz at him a lot becuase he can. a lot.

Danny WattsEdit

Danny watts as i already said is 17 he has no mom or dad or granma or uncle or aunt or stepdad and so on. he was in foster care 3 times lets just say all those 3 times did NOT work out at all. 'Till he got offer to go to a hosplite ( a hosplite is where kids under 18 can live or stay a while if travling or they can live there) Danny likes being alone so it was the perfect place for him. He lived alone in a room he ate he slept and was getting bored when he found a new person moving in. Her name was Elena.