This book is okay, I guess, it's a little young for most wiki users out there.

Recommended ages 10-13. Yeah it's pretty young but most wiki users seem to be around ages 12, 13 and 14 wait arent those 12 year olds not supposed to be here?

I'm not sure about the title so I just made it this. It could be A. Ulysses The Door Of Time Moore. Or. B. Ulysses Moore : The Door Of Time . Or. C. The Door Of Time, Which Sounds a little dull to my ears.

What's This Book About?Edit

Ah! Now's the time I tell you about this book. So this book which I do not officaly know the title is about.

Two 11 year old twins' that live in wonderful London then they find out there moving so now they have to move to this huge house on the coast of England. If I where them i'd be pretty un-happy i'd most likely spaz out and kick someone in the fac-. Anyways. There really bored for only about a day when

Then they soon find out that there house is not just a house. Shocker. That it holds a huge underground place with tunnels strange artifacts from around the world, so as Julia and Jason the two twins un cover this stufff with there friend Rick. So as they go through all those werid tunnels and begin to discover new things they find a...Door! And inside the door is a ma- Sorry you must read the book.

Julia NewtonEdit

Fate: Alive

I think I got last name right if I didn't sorry guys I let you down, again. Julia survives the underground collapse which kills others. She also was the one that was always more careful. But not too careful. She has long blonde hair and curved eyes she looks a little smaller and skinner than Jason and Rick. At first she seems kinda goody two shoes. Well she survives so yeah.

Julia doesn't believe in ghosts unlike her brother who is really werid. Julia clealy has her own mind. Julia is not mean just extermely sassy to Jason, Poor Jason

Jason NewtonEdit

Fate: Persumed Dead