Written by: Haalyle
Hogwarts 3


Genre: Fantasy

Type of story: FanFiction

My Adventures Through the Harry Potter Universe

I, Haalyle June Awesome, am on an adventure through the Harry Potter Universe. I'll be meeting other characters along the way and maybe, just maybe, strange things might happen.


I woke up on a sunny Sunday morning, with clouds scattered all over the sky.

"Haalyle! Wake up!" My mother yelled from within the kitchen, with the noise of the kettle beginning to boil in the background.

I sighed, getting up from my bed and walked to my wardrobe door.

"Haalyle!" My mum yelled, yet again.

"Calm down mum! I'm just getting dressed!" I replied, opening the wardrobe door and looking in.

All the cloths in my wardrobe was the Hogwarts uniforms.

"Mum! Do I have anything other than these clothes?" I asked, aloud.

"Don't you remember, sweetheart? You packed your bag and everything. Your going to Hogwarts today," She replied, walking into my room.

"But, I have to wear natural clothes, so I won't be suspicious to any muggles," I replied, sighing with frustration.

She held up a pink, long dress and threw it on my head, "Where that than."

"I am not wearing pink!" I moaned, throwing it off my head, onto the floor, "and if that's the only thing I can wear, I'll just have to go around the train station naked."

"Haalyle, don't be silly. You'd be more suspicious naked than wearing Hogwarts uniform," She replied, this time holding up a long turquiose blue dress, "how about this?"

I looked at it, "Perfect," I grabbed it from her hands and shooed her from my room, "Leave me alone, unless you want to see me naked."

"I've already seen you naked, darling," She laughed, exiting my room.

"Ew, please don't say that mum," I moaned, as I closed my door and put on my blue dress.

I've been waiting for soo long to go to Hogwarts and it's finally the day! I can't wait!