This is the one of hungery games favourite books.

It's 10th on the top 10 chart. Here's why.

It's about trust and letting go of the past to stay alive.

Im guessing you know why the 9/11 is?!?


Would you let go of the past to stay alive in the future?

Its about the 9/11...

It's a Canadian book and personalty I think it is great.

Age group I would say 11-35

So let me tell you what it is about!

So What's This Canadian Book about?Edit

Thank you american's for giving this a chance! Anyways.

Lets Start.

Will Is 15 years old and lives in New york City with his naggy mom and hard working dad. He never sees his dad becuase he's always working on 85th floor on the South building of the World Trade Center. And to make things even better for poor Will, he is going back to school. Middle School to High School Will's quite nervous about 2 things.

1. He's in high school now which is a whole new world.

2. September 10th, 2001 is the day he has to go to his fathers office for. B'''''ring your kid to work day Sounds Fun.'

So a week passes and Will is going to work with his dad tomorrow he's okay with high school now. So as Will goes to history class he sees James. Anyways I can't talk to you about this anymore you must read the book to find out! Now i'll tell you what it is all about!

It's about survival Will is in the North Tower when it all happens he is on the 85th floor but the plane hit the 81th, 80th, and 79th! So how will Will (xD see what I did there) Get out!